Ways to earn money by playing games online

Still worried about earning money but can’t give time to a fulltime job. Here comes some amazing ways to earn money. You will be socked to know that you can now earn money by just playing games online. Even if you are unemployed and want to earn money for every day expenses then this can help you earn money as well as relax your mind from the comfort of your own choice. Money making is really fun now with these sources that are providing chances to earn with playing games online. 

If you are a true game lover then this is going to make you the winner with the experience of playing as well as earning at the same time. You can win those online games but you must consider playing and getting paid for what you are doing for enjoyment. Best thing about this is you don’t need to buy play station, Xbox, Nintendo or any kind of gaming console from the market to get paid. What you need is the computer or your laptop, internet and the gaming experience that you hold. 

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Some games to bring real cash with playing games

In the market today there are a lot of games available. These are like video games, poker, online games etc. but there are some games and apps which are really going to bring you money. 

  1. MPL app

This is an application that brings you real cash prize money. The game can be played to win being a mobile gamer. It’s also called the mobile premier league which is the most common mobile game. This began when the smart phones game to existence. This is called to the biggest mobile gaming platform in India. The software designed is based on various gaming skills which are going to help you play and win. Best part of the game is it’s easy to play games with some competitive tournaments. You can win real cash and with the messaging function provided would let you connect to other players. The following offers with arcade games that include bubble shooters, fruit chop and fruit dart. This app promises to provide with constant updates of the game arsenal for getting fresh offerings every time.

  1. Dream 11
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It’s a kind of betting game that permits the players to place wagers on sporting events. This can be done with creating teams and selecting individual players. The users can choose from cricket, soccer or basket ball. Best is there is no charge being charged for downloading the dream 11. The layout is quite simple and straightforward, provides real money to players, users can place live bets with others, a great deal of real world strategy. 

  1. Battlepe.com

Battlepe.com is offering with rewards and unlimited entertainment for participating in the pubg tournaments. This reward is based on per kill basis and rewarding winning prizes as well. If you are an addicted player to the unknown battleground then you can easily earn money while playing the PUBG. 

  1. Halaplay

This is a truly amazing and interesting daily fantasy sports application for android. Playing this game can let you take part in the soccer and cricket leagues as per different tournaments. The game is quite popular globally in regards to all kinds of sports. In Indian the game as an application is quite popular as well. Using the application t he players can create their own team and win prizes depending on the performance of their players in real life competitions. This is not only limited to cricket but it also allows the soccer fans to create their own team. The game is fun and allows winning a lot of real money. This incorporates advanced data analysis system. 


This is an example of an online casino platform. This platform offers more then 100 games, such as baccarat, slots, roulette, blackjack, 4D, live casino, sport betting, horse racing etc.

By using the right strategy while placing a bet or playing a game, Winclub88‘s platform, such as many other online casino sites, enable you to make real money online, from the comfort of your home.