Text Emoji : Smile & Love Emoji Symbol

Emojis are great way to express feelings like happy and love.

I mainly use emoji of smile , love, kiss, angry , sad while chatting with someone. Emoji saves lots of time and let people express thier feelings in better way.

You should admit emoji makes the conversation better and more understandable. One of the major benefits of emoji is you can chat faster using emoji symbols.


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Text Emoji (Symbol)

Text Emoji is a text you can copy it on chat to get nice emoji. Just copy it anywhere in text message or in chat.

Texting SymbolMeaning
o:-)Angel smiley
(-.-) Zzzz . . .asleep
:-XBig Kiss
I - Obored/yawning
((((((((((O>>>>>>ocannon firing
*$gt;) / :O)clown
o-&->Doing nothing
:-).....Drooling face
:*)Drunk smiling face
&:-)From a person with curly hair
#:-)From a person with matted hair
😀very happy, laughing
:-,Hmmmm..., smirking
:- Ihypnotized!
O-S->In a hurry
ITDin the dark
: ))laughing
<3Love Heart
:-Smakes no sense
O-Z->man running (whole body figure)
8->person in glasses grinning evilly
O-G->Pointing to self
: - \puzzled
@<--<--red rose
: - Osaying 'Oh!'
:[email protected]Screaming
: vshouting
(O->something fishy here
SITDstill in the dark
😎Sunglasses face
:-. ssshhhtalking very quietly
<[]Itelevision/video screen
((@))-((@))the Demon Headmaster
😛Tongue in cheek
: [unfriendly
: - (unhappy
: Cv. unhappy/incredulous
:-))Very Happy


Texting Symbols for Love

Love emoji is very commonly used emoji in coversation between girlfriend and family member.

I mostly use love emoji

Symbol for FacebookMeaning
o:-)Angel smiley
:-XBig Kiss
:-).....Drooling face
<3Love Heart
@>-->--red rose
:-))Very Happy
( '}{' )Boy and girl kissing
😉Cheeky wink
😡 or :o*Kiss
*^_^*Huge Wide Grin


Smile/Smiley Face Emoji Text

Smile emoji is very interesting below i have listed all types of smile emoji or smiley faces emoji text.

Smiley Face Symbol Meaning
🙂  😀 Standard smile
🙂 With nose
:-E Buck-tooth or Vampire
>-) Evil grin
🙁 Sad or frown smile
🙁 Sad with nose
:-< Super sad
😛 Sticking tongue out (raspberry)
:-O Surprised
:-*  Kissing
:[email protected] Angry
:-$ Confused
:-\ Shifty
:-# Don’t tell/secret
(((H))) Hugs
:-X Kiss on the lips
`:-) One eyebrow raised
:^) A broken nose
:-& tongue tied
E-:-) a Ham radio operator
<:-) Uni-brow
:-> Big grin happy
(-}{-) Couple kissing
:-Q Smoking
$_$ Greedy
@@ Rolling your eyes
:-! “Foot in mouth”
😀 Laughter
:*) Drunk smile
:@ Exclamation “What???”
:[email protected] Scream
:-0 Yell
:—–) Long nose (Liar!)
%-( Confused
:-.) Madonna
:-($) Put your money where your mouth is
(:I An egghead
|-O Yawning
:@) Pig smile
<(-_-)> Robot
d[-_-]b DJ with headphones
~:0 Baby
[email protected]–@- Eyeglasses
\VVV/ King
\%%%/ Queen
:-# With braces
:’-) Happy Crying
{:-) Toupee smile
😉 Winking smile
😉 Winking smile with nose
O:-) I’m an angel (boy)
O*-) I’m an angel (girl)
|-O Yawn
(:-D Gossip, blabbermouth
@>–;– Rose
@-}— Rose
=^.^= Cat
O.o Confused
~( 8^(I) Homer Simpson


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