All About Pubg E-Sports : Rise Of E-Sports Globally

PUBG PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, one of the most popular game at present. You might be one of the players of PUBG game and you know how popular the game has become? PUBG is an online multiplayer battle royale game, which is developed and published by PUBG corporation. Let us see some details of PUBG Esports game. PUBG is definitely not the only game that we can see at Esports competitions. One of the biggest and probably more successful competitors of PUBG is Fortnite. Fortnite was released later, and ‘stole’ many of the PUBG professionals players. The most magnificent moment in Fortnites’ short life-time was their tournament a few months ago. The prize pool was insanely huge – 100M$. Sounds astronomic, doesn’t it? Well, just to compare, the Leovegas casino had a worldwide revenue of around 300M$ in 2018. Can you imagine a gaming tournament giving away the same amount of cash that a worldwide successful casino rolls in 4 months? This shows us what we are facing in the next few years in the Esports industry – an industry that only raises over time.   

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What is PUBG Esports Mode?

PUBG has started a custom mode with esports. It is opening a custom game mode for the players on the test servers for the hit Royale Battle title of the game. The Esports mode of the game allows the players to have control of functions like the item spawn rates, team sizes, and circle behaviour.

If you don’t know about ESports then we tell you that ESports gaming is a common video game which is associated with esports with online multiPlayer. Esports are the multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA). There is a first person shooter (FPS), fighting, digital collectible card games, battle royale games, and the real-time strategy (RTS) games.

All About PUBG Esports Game

Is PUBG game ready for eSports? Yes, the game is ready.

If you are a PUBG player then you might know about Shroud and the Doc, both of it have an interesting relationship with PUBG. Shroud and the Doc play the game every day for hours in front of the Twitch audience. Mostly they play PUBG game only. As they have played the game continuosly it has helped PUBG becoming more popular in the surroundings. Doc and Shroud are the ambassadors for PUBG game. In Mid 1990, the Doc got two-time video game championship. And Shroud is a former competitive Counter-Strike professional.

PUBG game is ready for eSports with all the qualifiers.

This year in 2019 there was a PUBG Global Championship Tournament which started early. The 2019 season is divided in three different phases. The first phase started in late January and was till the end of March. The second phase started in early May and lasts until June. Phase three started in Mid August end in Mid October.

All About PUBG Esports Game

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The PUBG Global Championship has the best pro teams in the world for the battle royale tournament. This championship will be in 32 teams to test the way to the Finale on November 23 and 24 in Oakland. It will start on 8th November in Los Angeles. All the teams are battling each other from January through regional leagues and Pro circuits. And the Europe League, Korea League will each have a six pro tems in this Championship of PUBG.

Oakland has seen the legends of PUBG championship. We will know winner in this November and will get the PUBG Global Championship winner.


So, this is about PUBG Esports. There are so many people who are playing this game and many of them got affected. There are many people who are attached to this game and has got many disadvantages. We see in the news some of them got Mad, someone killed their family, some died and many other things. So, there are advantages and disadvantages of this game, but at the end it totally depends on us how we are using it.