Top 10 Project free TV Alternatives [2020]

Project Free TV was once one of the most sought-after websites when it came to watching free online movies or TV shows or downloading them. But its sudden exit from the web world left the users astonished and wondering where they could watch their favorite movies and TV shows now.
Some time ago, ProjectFreeTV again popped up on the internet but the users were not sure whether it is from the same organization or a different one running a website with the same name.
Dear Folks! You need not to worry now. We are providing you with all the best options of ProjectFree TV alternatives that you can stream through and enjoy the same services and facilities without any hassle.

Movies & Tv Series You Can Watch In Projectfreetv

  • Game Of Thrones [All Season]
  • la casa de papel [Money Hiest]
  • Narcos
  • Breaking bad
  • american gods
  • Stranger Things
  • The office
  • The Walking Dead
  • riverdale [Season 1,2,3]
  • watch keeping up with the kardashians
  • how to get away with murder [All Season]
  • watch girls
  • criminal minds
  • rick and morty

Top 10 Project free TV Alternatives

Check out the following list for Project free TV alternatives:

  1. Fox+

This is an amazingly popular and great streaming website for watching movies and TV shows online and is probably a website that can be considered as one of the best Project Free TV alternatives.
On the website of Fox, you can get access to a wide number of different movies and TV shows of various genres and regions. Although the main focus of this website for TV shows is mainly the American TV shows, you may also find some of the other non-American TV shows as well, but primarily they are also of origin from the Western countries.
If you are looking for Asian, Korea, Pakistani or Indian TV shows, then this site is probably not for you and you may be disappointed regarding not finding that kind of stuff here. But if you are a fan of Western TV shows, you are probably going to love this site. It also has an option of live streaming for all the TV shows available on its site.


So, you can just watch those TV shows as if you are watching them on your own television sets, as and when they are aired on the television. One of the best things about this website is that you do not need to make an account on it to browse through its contents.
You can simply visit the site and start watching any content you wish to watch without any login or sign up requirements, that too without any geographical restrictions or barriers. Besides, it is free of cost. Its interface is very appealing and user-friendly.
The site is easy to browse and navigate and find any content you wish to watch. One can also share the videos from this site directly to any social media platforms to make one’s friends, family or other groups, watch it together and have fun.

  1. FMovies

This is another website where you can watch any kind of television shows or movies. Although this site is primarily for movies, you may also find many TV shows of different kinds. It provides access to full-length movies and all episode version of TV shows, irrespective of your location. FMovies is also an amazing option for online viewing of the latest HD movies.


It offers the best collection of movies to watch online for free as well as TV series. One of its unique features is that it also has an offline collection of films that allows you to watch the selected films even without an internet connection.
The window panel on its official websites on the right side also continually pops up the latest suggestions for films and TV series added to their collection to allow you to watch them without registration.

  1. GoMovies

If you wish to watch online movies for free, then GoMovies is one of the best sites which can serve as a Project Free TV alternative. It is an advanced 123movies version, which used to be quite popular as a site for the same purpose.


GoMovies has a large collection of films, particularly the latest in all genres such as comedy, thriller, drama, crime mystery, horror, romantic, science fiction, etc. You can watch free movies online using this website.
It is free of any sign-ups, ads or links that are redirected. It also enables you to download HD quality movies. It even gives you the latest film suggestions depending on the history of your search.

  1. Retrovision Classic Movies

Yet another good option for Project free TV alternative. This site is for you if you want to go back in time and watch your favorite film from different genres. It provides you with a collection of all the classic movies which were all-time hits and are even in demand today.


It provides a collection of movies of a lot of genres whether it is a classic comedy, or some cartoon movie, classical drama or crime or horror movies, you can get it all from this site. Even the old aged people can enjoy these sites and refresh their old memories while a new generation can get to know about the awesome cinematic and drama stuff created during that era.
Although the older versions of movies and TV shows would be available in the black and white picture, they are of very good picture quality and high loading speed. You would not be bothered by any type of lags or advertisement in between the videos on this site, this is one of their key features.

  1. ShareTV

Another alternative for the Project Free TV is the ShareTV, which gives you access to many different types of movies and TV shows. This site provides you an amazing viewing experience with a lot of options. It is quite popular amongst the users on the internet.


This site provides access to a lot of Western movies and TV shows. The main focus of this site, though, are the TV shows which have a lot of variety like talk shows, singing and dancing contests held on TV programs, and many other types of stuff.
ShareTV is associated with certain big names in this genre such as the ABC, Fox, NBC, and SYFC thereby ensuring the trust of users about the quality of service and ensuring free access to them.

  1. Popcorn Flix

This is one of the other alternative websites available for Project Free TV. It offers a wide range of movies and TV shows list to choose from, and once you’re addicted to it, you’d prefer not to switch to any other streaming site other than this.
Popcorn Flix offers various genres such as crime, drama, action, sport, horror, fiction, history and many more are available in a wide range of film and TV show genres.


You can also use your search to explore the site based on release date/year, sequels, and so on. The website interface makes discovering anything you like very easy. If you are unlikely to have the film you need to watch at the top of the priority list, you can use the look bar to scan the videos.
The fast stacking pace and moderately free promotions make Popcorn Flix an amazing site to enjoy movie pictures and TV shows while you relax and grab some popcorns!

  1. Movies4u

This is another free movies and TV shows streaming site that includes huge indexes of movies from different periods of time, whether old or new. They keep upload new content on their website and refreshing it so often that you will get to see new content each time you log into it.


So, if you want the latest of all the stuff, this site is probably the best option for you. However, there is one precautionary thing that you should know about one thing. The site contains numerous mouse on-snap advertisements. It will open another tab for the promotion more often than not, or on the primary page itself.
You might think it’s irritating because it’s constantly doing that, especially in the event you’ve been inactive for a few minutes. When you click the site, another promotion will stack. If you can handle this one drawback, you will surely enjoy the content of this site.

  1. TubiTV

Another site that can serve as the best Project Free TV alternative is TubiTV. All movies and TV shows provided by this site have auto-generated default settings based on the device you are currently using. You can also adjust the video quality on your own.


Like the tools mentioned above, it also provides television shows, but this site does not focus on just one region. It also has a TV series compilation from various countries such as America and Korea. They are all categorized by genre. All you have to do is register and pay for the service.

  1. TV Player

This website should also be on the list of the best websites as Project Free TV alternative. It is a free streaming site available on your desktop and mobile device in the UK. The free version now offers over 95 channels including BBC1 Discovery TV, Lifetime and more.


Simply create an account and register to experience your service for a free trial. The only downside to the tool is that if you’re not in the UK, you can’t create an account. When you register the site, your IP address will be checked if you are actually on the premises.
If not, you will be blocked automatically by the site. You can use VPN’s at your own risk to register and use the service as a workaround.

  1. YouTubeTV

This is one of the best-recommended sites as a Project Free TV alternative. Nowadays, when it comes to video streaming, it’s the most visited site; whether it’s a movie, TV show or music video from various countries.


Since it is a community site, it is not always guaranteed that the video will be available. Yes, you can find nearly all kinds of videos here, they are also often deleted. So, tomorrow may not be available again the video available today.
It may, therefore, be deleted for some circumstances or reasons. Despite the fact that it is one of the sites that have an extensive collection of videos and movies from different countries, we cannot ignore. So it’s still free, and a good Project Free TV alternative.

Projectfree Tv Websites

Wrapping Up

So, now you know all the alternative options you need to visit if you are looking for Project Free TV alternatives. So have fun to enjoy streaming through all these amazing options and watching your favorite movies or TV shows.

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