Hybrid blo Election App Download

Hybrid Blo is an app developed by the Election Commission of India. Hybrid Blo app is the same as blo register app and it is offline app you don’t need internet connectivity to use this app. The latest version of hybrid blo ap is version 13. The hybrid blo version 13 released on 15 Oct 2019. The hybrid blo app is totally free to use. To get latest updates of election app hybrid blo join us on telegram.

Hybrid Blo App Download

Number of Downloads: 19944901
Current Version: 13
Updated 15-Oct-2019 09:50:28 PM
Min. required Android version: Android 4.4 – KitKat
Category: Electoral
Price: Free
Developer: CDAC-Mumbai
Contact Info: 011-23052126
Email-Id: [email protected]
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How to Use Hybrid Blo App

Requirement before installing Hybrid Blo App

• Smartphone
• Android version 4.0 (Kit Kat) and above
• Storage space minimum 2GB
• PDF Reader
• Internet connectivity (at some places in the app) 15 16 Things to remember after installing App
• Please allow all permission asked by the App. If you don’t allow the permissions, App will not work functionally. • Kindly download the Elector List at first place before clicking on any other tab. It is a mandatory step

How to Login Hybrid Blo App

Enter Mobile Number & password Same

This is the first page after installing the App. BLO will enter his/her registered mobile no. as User Id and Password (By Default).State code also need to be entered. At the bottom of the page ‘Change Password’ Link is available. Note: Internet connectivity should be there while login for the first time after downloading the app. After that no need for internet as the password will be saved in the app


BLO can download his part’s Elector List form this tab. This will be downloaded in the phone memory. A message will appear in the bottom of the screen after the database is successfully created from this list. The tab will be disabled thereafter.

   Hybrid Blo Pdf Download

How to Do Revision In Voter Id Card Using Blo App

  •  By clicking on ‘Revision’ option on home page, further a menu page will appear with next 5 options. These options are
  • Checklist Verification: The work which will be assigned by AERO to BLO will be shown here in the form of list.
  • Logical Error: All the Logical Error available in BLOs part Electoral Roll, will list here.
  • Demographical Similar Entry : All the DSE of the Voter will list here Page 20
  • Registered Death: All the registered deaths in the part of the BLO will be list here. BLO has to verify them.  Migration Verification: All the reported migration cases will list here. BLO has to verify them.

Hybrid Blo State Code List

   Download State Code PDF

How to Use Hybrid Blo App

  1. After downloading login to Hyb

Edit Voter Id Entry in Hybrid Blo App

Login Page Screen 1.0 Change Password Homepage Download Revision Verification Electoral List Online Form Filling BLO Register Logical Errors Checklist Verification Migration Verification Registered Death Demographical Similar Entry Verify/Edit Detail Rectify Error Verify Entry Verify/Edit Detail Verify/Edit Deta

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