How to Download Voter ID Card Online ? [ Step by Step Guide ]

Elections rumors and news are already spread in the market. Political parties started their rallies and shows to attract the common public. We are ready to enter in the 2019 election. Most of us are searching for our voter i-card as it is mandatory for voting purposes. If you are going to be of 18 yrs this year, then you can apply for the new voter card online. Or if you have already applied, then you can also download voter id card online from below link. Read the full post for more information 🙂

What is Voter ID Card?

The voter ID card is the Identity of an Indian Citizen which provides his/her the power to participate in the elections. The election commission of issues this card, and it represents as the Identity Proof for a Citizen. You can only apply for this card when your age is 18 or above. Also, It is a government, so you don’t have to spend an rs. To get this card. All you need is to apply for this card online from this link.
Before proceeding further in this post, Let me first give you a short overview of this post. In this article, We have added a detailed guide on the Voter ID Card. We have also shared the step by step procedure by following which you can easily download the Voter ID Card online.
I know most of you guys are wondering about how one can download the voter identity card online. Nothing to worry mates, As after reading this post all your queries and doubt regarding this will be sorted out.

How to Download Voter ID Card Online?

First of all, You have to apply for the voter identity card, and within a few days, you can easily download your voting card online. Follow the below-mentioned steps :
#1 First of all, Click Here to visit the official site of election commission of India.

#2 Next click on the “Apply online for registration of new voter/due to shifting from AC” option. Or click on ” FORM 6″ button right there

#3 Now you will see the below form [ Form 6 [See rules 13(1) and 26] in which you have to fill your details

#4 Enter all your details like Name, Age, Phone Number, Address, etc
#5 If you are not comfortable in the English language then you can also select the language of your choice from the right corner of the screen

#6 You need to fill almost all of your personal detail correctly! Please recheck the details before submitting the form.
#7 Don’t forget to fill the captcha correctly in the last section of the form

#8 Hit the SUBMIT button
#9 Now you will get an Application Number on your Mobile Number and Mail Address
#10 Save your application number for future use
#11 After a few days, Visit the site and Enter your application number to download the voter id card online
#12 That’s all! You are ready to vote 🙂

FAQ  Related to Voter ID Card

Q1. How can I get the Voter ID Card Online?
Ans. Follow the steps as mentioned above, and You are ready with your voter icard
Q2. How can I get my voter ID card Copy?
Ans. Visit the official site of  Election Commission of India and Look up for the Duplicate voter id card there. Enjoy 🙂
Q3. How can I correct my Voter ID Card Details?
Ans. Visit the official site by clicking here and fill the “FORM 8” from there and Change your details as required. You are done 🙂
Q4. How can I check my voter ID card status?
Ans. Visit the official Electoral CEO Website and Enter your application number and get your id card with just one click.
Q5. How can I get the soft copy of your Voter ID Card?
Ans. No, You are not supposed to download the soft copy of your voter id card online.

Final Words

That’s all for this informative post on How to download the voter ID card online. I hope this article proves to be helpful to you. Still confused? If you have any doubt regarding this post, then please let us know in the comment section. We will surely resolve your query.
Thanks for reading 🙂


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