The History and Innovation of CAD

cad knowldege

CAD has been the primary source of computer design tools for many decades and it still to this day continues to lead the way.  Why is this and how has this managed to keep away any other similar competition that are trying to offer something similar?  When you think of the days when CAD was originally released it goes back to the days when computers were launched.  CAD would then become something that was taught in local schools as a subject to give pupils the familiarity of this software system and allow them to design very basic items.  This was a specific challenge though as the capability of CAD was limited.  People required to know the different codes to enter in order to fully design products and there was a lot of room for error.  How times have changed and how this product has improved significantly over the years.

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Who Uses CAD?

You will find the use of CAD in many different industries from aero-engines, cars, houses and electronics.  The best PCB software is considered to be CAD and many industries could just not survive without it as it is embedded in their company in such a significant way.  If you look at small electronic companies – they use CAD religiously for designing small, complex pieces of equipment and can run simulations on the assembled produce before it is released for manufacture.

Alternatively, large aero-engine companies will use this to design their small components but also bring all the sub-assemblies together to get the final aero-engine as an assembled unit.  Other users of CAD include home designers where they can not only look to design the structure of the home but also look to design some of the internal equipment for interior design purposes and help use this as a sales pitch to customers.

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CAD Protection

If CAD is heavily relied upon in a company, then it is crucial that the CAD is protected.  One of the biggest threats to companies in recent years is the threat of a cyber-attack. This is real and there have been so many different examples of this happening in the last decade.  You can purchase off the shelf virus protection that manages to protect in some form but if you are a member of a large company it is probably best to consult the experts.  In the defence industry, it could be a massive security breach if drawings for defence products managed to escape and get into the hands of countries that would use it against us.

CAD Users

CAD is something that is nowadays easy to learn.  It is not like the old days where you were required to go on extensive training.  The software has online courses to support the training but also has an extensive help section.  The best way to learn is to design something non-critical on your own, make mistakes and then learn from it.


CAD has clearly progressed a lot over the years.