Free TV Streaming Sites of 2019

With a change in time television has become an obsolete technology. You can not carry a television in your pocket and watch it anywhere you want but there are some sites that let you stream your favourite shows or movies no matter where you are all you need is an internet connection. Not only serials but movies also which are available on Netflix, amazon prime.

The following Free tv streaming sites of 2019 will save you a few bucks every month and will provide you full-length movies and tv series at no cost. Well, we have checked all of the sites listed below to ensure that they are safe for you. Anyways, with that being clear, that being said, let us now take a look at the list of Best Free TV Streaming Sites of 2019. Should we? 

List of Free TV Streaming Sites

Here, we have listed some of the best and free TV Streaming Sites of 2019 which will allow you to watch live TV on almost any device. All you need to have is a good Internet Connection and you should be good to go. With that being said, let us now take a look at the first website on the list. Should we?


CMoviesHD is a free and one of the best streaming sites out there where you can watch movies, TV series in one of the best HD quality. The user interface of the site is eye catchy. Movies, tv series are arranged into their respective categories. This makes things, even more, easier for users to browse through and pick content. You can even watch movies and series of countries like Japan, Spain, Poland, etc which is a cherry on top. If there’s a movie or series that you are want to watch but couldn’t find then click on request and ask them to upload it. You can visit the CMovies HD Site for completely free. 

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Continuing with the list of Free TV Streaming Sites of 2019, we have the King movies, which is also one of the best free tv streaming sites. You can stream the latest movies here and it also gives you an option to download the movies and series. The movies and series are available to stream in Hd quality and sd quality whichever you prefer. You can see what others are watching recently and request a movie or series that’s missing. The overall experience of the site is pretty good and there was no issue in streaming the content.


Vumoo is another Free TV Streaming Sites of 2019 which has a decent interface that showcases the movies and series in a very pleasant form. This website is really known for its mobile services that let the user enjoy movies and TV shows on mobile on the go. The one downside to Vumoo is that it lacks the latest and most trending movies and shows in its database. The background is a bit pale which gives a dark cinema-type effect to the users. Overall, Vumoo is the best site when it comes to user interface.

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Sockshare is a simple, elegant, yet outstanding website which provides most of the TV shows and movies. The User interface is not complex. Viewers can notice the trending topics from the homepage itself. However, a navigation bar is also provided which can be used to navigate to the genre the user wishes for. The background is recently altered to avoid glare in the eyes after long and continuous use. The show database of SockShare is crowded and one can find and stream any renowned show on it.

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YesMovies is another choice to stream movies online for the movie freaks out there. With its advanced and stuffed up database, users can find almost any movie or show with ease. New and upcoming titles are updated whenever necessary. It is a simple streaming site that behaves smoothly at peak times. That means you won’t have a problem with streaming your favourite show anytime.

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Moving on with the list of Free TV Streaming Sites of 2019, we have the MoviesJoy website. If you prefer undisturbed movies session, Movies Joy is the best for you. It has zero ads and the interface is also stunning and catchy. The homepage is divided into three sections named Suggestions, Most Popular and Being Watched. You can find almost any movie on Movies Joy. You can use movies filter and choose the best one that fits your genre.

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Subs Movies. The name sounds a bit cheesy but it provides what the name suggests. Subs Movies lets you stream any popular movie or show with subtitle in your favourite language. Some of the languages provided by SubsMovies are English, Spanish, Japanese, German, French, Chinese, Dutch and Portuguese. This is the best Television streaming website according to the viewers because of its marvellous subtitle features.

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Coto movies is probably the most used television streaming website. It is easy to use and it is handy for a lot of devices. It has got an Android application which was previously called Bobby Movie Box. The devices supported by CotoMovies are Android, iOS, PC, Firestick and even Android TV. The website, as well as the application, is divided into a lot of sections which are named Suggestions, Last watched and Being Watched. The Coto Movies database is stuffed with movies and TV Series from around the world.


123Movies is one of the best and legit websites to stream movies for free. An eye catchy and outstanding user interface with theatre mode helps the user’s eye in continuous and long movie sessions. To make your work easier, 123 Movies has a particular section named as Top IMDB. That means you won’t have to go to IMDB to check the top rated movies. This one sums the best-rated movies in that section. It has a wide variety of films and it very cleanly organized into categories for easier navigation.

The PutLocker hub

The Put Locker hub is the type of website in which the user has to sign up first in order to enjoy high-quality movies. It has got a massive number of regular viewers because of its addictive movies and shows. Some of you might already know about this website since it is a pretty popular one. It is also very fast and the signing up is a piece of cake. High resolution and quality movies help it to stand out in the crowd of movie streaming sites.


Don’t know which movie streaming site to visit? We are here to sum everything up just in case you forgot your choice.
CMoviesHd is a website that lets the users stream various TV shows in high resolution. You can even request the site authors to upload a particular show or movie.
KingMovies helps the user to stream as well as download their favourite movies and TV shows.
Vumoo has a very clean user interface and it has a special dim background to prevent eye straining during long sessions.
SockShare sums up the best and trending movies on their homepage beforehand so that you don’t have to choose what to play next.
YesMovies is quick and works the same in peak times. That means you won’t have any problem with streaming our favourite movie anytime.
MoviesJoy provides streaming services with zero ads so that you don’t get disturbed while watching the movie of your wish.
SubsMovies provides subtitles for movies in many languages. The main audio will be in English while subtitle language is totally up to the user.
CotoMovies is supported on a number of devices and has applications for each one of them.
123Movies has a particular section for Top IMDB genres for the user which prefer top rated movies.
The Put Locker Hub provides high resolution streaming services which are available to anyone who signs up on their website.
So that’s it guys, this was our take on the list of Free TV Streaming Sites of 2019. We hope that you found this post useful. Let us know what’s your pick for the best Free TV Streaming Site of 2019 in the comments section down below.


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