Cricfree Unblocked: Its Alternatives & Proxy List

Cricfree is a very popular website where you can live stream each and every game especially, golf, baseball, American football, and darts. However, if you are not able to access Cricfree, a number of robust options are awaiting you below.
The websites listed below are top-notch in offering access to live sports and have gained a huge name for providing swifter and quality experience to the users. You can browse these sports streaming websites and watch your favorite games anywhere in the world.

Top 10 Cricfree Alternatives

# Live TV

You can easily conjecture what this site is all about. The live TV allows you to stream the live broadcast of the matches or games that are being played live across all the major sports. There are many features on this website which are not available in Cricfree.
Best Cricfree Alternatives
Here you can watch instant replays, highlights, among other things. Another advantage of using this website is that you can get details about your favorite teams.

# WiziWig

WiziWig is a very popular online source where hundreds of users are enjoying live streaming of all the major sports. All of this is for free. This can be your one-stop solution for watching live matches and games for free as WiziWig provides sports streaming all over the world.

It also gives access to live sports TV channels and thus offers the users with the system of live sports streaming from any part of the world.

# Fubo TV

Yet another Best Cricfree Alternatives, Fubo TV is another great platform to enjoy access to sports streaming where you can watch your favorite sports without any hassles. It is a premium service available at a very affordable price.

We have listed this website in this post because it has surpassed all its competitors in a lot of features. Fubo TV provides you with an amazing live sport watching experience by providing you all the premium sports channels.

# Fox Sports

Fox Sports stands out the rest of the websites for its supreme sports streaming services. It is quite different than the majority of the sports app and users have to subscribe to Fox Sports for watching all the favorite games in a flicker of click.
Best Cricfree Alternatives
This site offers some super cool perks after you subscribe to their active plan. It also features news and YouTube stars too. This website serves as another Best Cricfree Alternatives.

# Bosscast

This is a new US-based free sports streaming website which majorly caters to the viewers of Basketball, American Football, and Baseball. However, users can still enjoy matches of their favorite leagues or sports too.

The website has a very user-friendly interface where users can easily browse the list of channels on the left panel. It also allows users to have discussions with peers on the website through their option of chat box displayed on the right side of the screen.

# Hotstar

Indian users have a robust option of watching live sports at their disposal. If you are an Indian user and you cannot access other live streaming services, then Hotstar app is tailor-made for you! Sports buffs have flocked the website as well as the app of Hotstar for accessing Hotstar’s amazing free streaming services to watch free movies, TV shows, and sports like Cricket, Kabaddi, Football, etc.
Best Cricfree Alternatives
If you are a new user, we are very sure that Hotstar will become your one-stop destination for watching almost all the major sports and tournaments live. You will be provided with highlights and breakthroughs of the games lined up in a row. Most of the content on Hotstar is free but they also offer premium content which is available on a paid subscription.
Users are required to subscribe to their sports-only package in order to have access to their premium sports content. Users who are living outside India and want to access the site’s free content can always use a VPN to enjoy Hotstar’s content.

# Batman Stream

Sports fans across the world would love Batman Stream which is an absolutely free service. At Batman Stream, you can live to stream numerous kinds of sports. It is one of the best alternatives of websites like Cricfree.
Best Cricfree Alternatives
Another advantage that accrues with Batman Stream is that you also get links to the live stream of different sports that you want to watch. These are offered without any troubles such as you don’t even need an account for using Batman’s services. You can easily watch NBA and other sports in this app.

# has risen to popularity and become the favorite place of sports lovers in no time. It started off as one of the best places to watch premier-quality games or matches associated with the latest La Liga football. The website is loved for its high-definition content.

Now, it has expanded its services and currently offers to a stream of a wide array of sports Each of the sports is grouped under categories of its type and league so that users can easily browse their favorite games.
Loala1. tv offers the smooth and easy streaming experience to its users who can even participate in the discussions on the forums provided on the website. You can also choose the channels that you want to watch. The biggest advantage of using this website is that it lets you record all the matches and so you can play them offline in your free time.

# VIP Box

VIP Box offers unlimited watching time for enjoying your favorite sports. It is also free just like Batman Stream where you can live stream almost all the major games. You just have to set up your computer and you are ready to watch all kinds of sports sure Cricket, Football, and F1 races, etc.
Best Cricfree Alternatives

# Stream2Watch

This is one of the best cricfree alternatives. Stream2Watch offers some unique features and has the highest number of features than most of the apps. With Stream2Watch in your pocket, you can easily watch cricket and football matches anywhere and anytime and that too for free. You can also watch other games like basketball and rugby in this app.


So, these were some of the Best Cricfree Alternatives. With these websites offering free live streaming services, users are able to watch live games anywhere and anytime. You can check out these best free sports streaming sites and never miss out on your favorite sports.

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